Who’s Who in Real Estate: The Title Company

    Confused about who’s who in real estate? Don’t know where to start? We are answering your questions about each part and piece of the the buying and selling process.


    We interviewed Jennifer Carlisle, Escrow Office at Texas American Title Company to answer some questions about working with a title company.

    What is a Title Company?

    We are an insurance company providing coverage on the title of real property. We are also a disinterested third party that facilitates the transfer of title of property.

    How long have you been in this business?

    I started in the mortgage industry in 2003 and have been in the title business since 2009.

    What do you like about this business?

    I like that there is something new every day. When people are involved, things are never boring. I enjoy the people and being a part of the many great experiences.

    Do you work with residential and commercial real estate?

    Yes, both however the majority is residential.

    What’s the difference working with residential and commercial?

    Working with commercial property is different. There is less emotion in commercial and more emotion involved in residential.

    Why is it important to use a title company when buying or selling property?

    Working with a title company is important because you want to make sure that the title is transferred properly.

    What does a title policy cover?

    It is an insurance policy to guarantee transfer of the title on the property.

    What measures do you take to make sure the title is clear?

    We have a title plant that researches the chain of title before issuing the title policy. We also check for other items filed of record and will work with the sellers to resolve any issues prior to transfer of the title.

    How are escrow fees determined?

    The title policy fee is set by the Texas Department of Insurance. All title companies must adhere to a set fee.

    What makes Texas American Title Company different?

    All Title companies provide the same product – title insurance. What sets us apart is our people. We have a great team and we provide a high level of customer service. We take the time to make sure all parties involved are happy and confident and that they are being taken care of – this includes buyers, sellers, and realtors.

    Do you have questions about title policies or what to expect along the way? Contact Jennifer Carlisle or Jeannine Betts at Texas America Title Company.

    Texas American Title Company

    18050 Saturn Lane, suite 120, Houston, Texas 77058 | Office 281-333-1955

    Escrow Officer: Jennifer Carlisle

    Direct: 281-336-3482


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